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The significance or rarity of the HDT1000 model is that less than 10 (documented) are known to exist in the U.S. and from what we gather, it was an export only model. Furthermore, Bolens did not document this model much in their literature. Some have speculated that it could've been an experimental model. An example of this is the unutilized choke slot in the dash that was a carryover from the gas model Bolens large frames, yet, the HDT1000 had a diesel engine and no choke option of course. It has other differences unique like a slightly longer hood to accommodate the 3-cylinder diesel engine, higher gearing, and a wider tread pedal. Being that it has a diesel engine and was built near the end of the run for the Bolens large frames in the mid 1980's, many consider it to be a "holy grail" machine. Thanks to!

-Austen Wilcox Machine owner