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 Refer to model 3180

At the time of production we did not have a 317 worthy of pictures, We however would welcome any customer with a showroom machine to donate some photos!


Model 3000


 Better geometry Then ANY competitor


Complete self contained High volume hydraulic system with Reserve and filter.



Negative lift




  1. Lift capacity / SAFETY

    1.  26x12x12 Tires x 4 = 600lbs.






  1. Rugged construction but not over built.

  2. 3/16" thick towers after long operation oil tank does not become hot to touch.

  3. HD plasma cut components for simple fit, We have found All Tractors (same models) have variables there may be some slight "tweaking" for perfect proper fit.

  4. All pin fitted parts are bushed with grease fittings, NO pin wear or wobbled out holes.

  5.  Front hydraulic ports completely accessible.

  6. Simple installation 6 bolts mount loader mounts.

  7. super strong modular 1 piece design.

  8. Heavy duty torque tube stops twisting of loader booms.

  9. Heavy duty 48" bucket 10 Gauge moldboard 4"x1/2" cutting edge.

  10. Oil site glass for easy filling of hydro tank.

  11. Available in joystick or old style twin stick control.

  12. Approximate weight of complete package 480lbs.

  13. All units pressure and function checked before shipped.

  14. powder coated JD green

  15. Best Built Loader on the market with lifetime warranty!!! 









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